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Chef  Nicola

Welcome to A Casa Tua! I'm Nicola, I'm an Executive Chef and I'm from Italy.

I've start to cook when I was 5-years-old: I come from a very big family, and every Sunday we used to have lunch all together. My Grandma started to prepare fresh pasta every Sunday in the early morning, and I loved helping her. So, I fell in love with cooking; day by day it was clear that cooking would be my future. I've studied a lot, and I always cultivate my love for cooking: I grew up in the restaurants of my family, physically and professionally. Today I continue to prepare fresh pasta, my first love, but I prepare several other things too! I put in every dish a little piece of my heart, because food is an experience, and I want people can feel it. Cooking is a passion, it's not only food!

I moved in the USA with my wife Maria at the end of 2014, when we opened our restaurant in Miami, FL.

But Miami was not the right place for us, so in 2016 we moved to Bradenton, FL, looking for a small community and a quiet place where set up our lives and our family.

Today, we dedicate ourselves to my first love: cooking.

Finally we have our small place where we prepare quality and fresh food, everyday, with passion, using only the best and freshest ingredients. 

We want to think about it as a Piccola Trattoria di Famiglia!

And our family is waiting to welcoming you, with our "new-entry" also: on October 20th 2018 we have been blessed with the birth of our little girl Alice, and we can't be happier than that! 

A Casa Tua means "at your home", so feel comfortable, relax, and enjoy the warm and familiar atmosphere and our Authentic Italian Food!

We can't wait to see you and say:


May 14th 2019: read the article on Bradenton Herald!

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